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I welcome everyone to this article, on the review we will have an interesting project with indoor chips, the project is called BullPerks.

Let’s get down to the introduction :)

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I think everyone already knows that cryptocurrency has developed a lot lately and will continue to develop for a long time, since there is a future behind it, a huge number of people from all over the world are behind all this, thanks to them the cryptocurrency market is developing and becoming stronger, this attracts many parties , namely large investors.

Thanks to cryptocurrency, we can avoid inflation problems.


I welcome everyone to this article, our review will be a cool project called Kinesis Money.

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I think each of us, who went into the subject of cryptocurrencies at least a little, was interested in the question “How to create your own virtual wallet for saving money?” but in this review we will consider a slightly different and interesting project called Kinesis Money.

Greetings to all my readers, in the review we will have a project called DXB Pay.

Without further ado, let’s get down to the introduction!

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First, let’s talk about the cryptocurrency itself and blockchain technology. Initially, the cryptocurrency had few payment features and was often used to make transactions among themselves, quickly, reliably and transparently, without third parties. Thanks to the creators of bitcoin, we got an excellent result that solves all the problems of a centralized financial structure that is subject to manipulation and is controlled by one party.

But now cryptocurrency is not only about making transactions between…

Greetings to my beloved readers on a new article dedicated to a project called Crypto Stake.

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Bitcoin has recently become popular among online payments, followed by payments and bookmakers from casinos.

The current payment services are not noted for their security, as they work and follow the unfavorable trend of the centralized use of cryptocurrencies, this creates a counterparty risk.

The key advantage of using blockchain technology in the online gambling sector is the transparency of database transactions. …

Hi guys! For a long time there have been no new articles from me and I decided to please you with superb content and the Xircus project.

Sit back, we’re getting started!



I think each of us who are at least a little familiar with cryptocurrency already knows what NFT is, or a non-fungible token, it is designed to protect your digital assets or art using blockchain technologies and capabilities.

NFT tokens can be used in different ways, if the NFT is rare and valuable, then you can keep it saved, but at any time you can decide and put…

Greetings to my readers in my blog, on the note we will have a cool, promising project Agenor, which gives hope for the future.

You can find out more in the article, so let’s get down to the introduction!

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I think everyone who reads this article is undoubtedly interested in cryptocurrency, which means you are not indifferent to its fate and rightly so!

The project in this article will act as the integration of cryptocurrency in the real and virtual world, so that you can buy the same services and products in real life.

Agenor’s goal is to help cryptocurrency…

Greetings to my readers for a new article on an interesting, social project called Foobee.

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To begin with, I would like to start with a prehistory, I think each of us likes to visit social networks, but at the same time we ourselves do not notice how we spend a lot of time on it, but the problem itself is that we don’t even get anything for this!

But in fact, there is a perfect alternative to the social networks that we visit every day, namely the smart Foobee app.

Hi guys! In this article, there will be a project that has created a convenient extension for the PolkaDot ecosystem — PolkaParty.

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DeFi is a decentralized application and is currently in great demand among the cryptocurrency industry sector. DeFi allows you to increase your investment by staking and farming.

But many users and investors cannot make sense of cryptocurrency when they cannot make a profit from it, as this requires an effective enough analysis to understand and execute it.

But the PolkaParty project here acts as a lifesaver that can help us with access to all DeFi functions, namely exchange…

Hi guys, there have been no articles with reviews of interesting projects for a long time, so we catch up!

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In the review, we will have the LepiFany project, abbreviated as Lepi.
The project was designed to protect users and potential large investors from contributing to unknown and new projects.
Lepi provides everyone with a set of tools, as I said earlier to protect users, all of this happens on the Binance Smart Chain.

The main goal of Lepifany is to create an organized, unified and convenient ecosystem, where users can fully enjoy all the benefits of the Lepifany token…

I welcome everyone! In this article, I would like to touch on a mobile chat application called Quarashi. But what is so special about it, you will learn later in the article, so draw conclusions from this, and we begin!

Quarashi Review


I think most of us are used to using phones, we use it all day long, but you must admit that without applications on the phone, our device would not be interesting. But unfortunately, many applications resort to collecting confidential information about the device, but there are applications that will direct you to find out information even more secret, for…

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