Greetings to my readers for a new article on an interesting, social project called Foobee.

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To begin with, I would like to start with a prehistory, I think each of us likes to visit social networks, but at the same time we ourselves do not notice how we spend a lot of time on it, but the problem itself is that we don’t even get anything for this!

But in fact, there is a perfect alternative to the social networks that we visit every day, namely the smart Foobee app.

Hi guys! In this article, there will be a project that has created a convenient extension for the PolkaDot ecosystem — PolkaParty.

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DeFi is a decentralized application and is currently in great demand among the cryptocurrency industry sector. DeFi allows you to increase your investment by staking and farming.

But many users and investors cannot make sense of cryptocurrency when they cannot make a profit from it, as this requires an effective enough analysis to understand and execute it.

But the PolkaParty project here acts as a lifesaver that can help us with access to all DeFi functions, namely exchange…

Hi guys, there have been no articles with reviews of interesting projects for a long time, so we catch up!

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In the review, we will have the LepiFany project, abbreviated as Lepi.
The project was designed to protect users and potential large investors from contributing to unknown and new projects.
Lepi provides everyone with a set of tools, as I said earlier to protect users, all of this happens on the Binance Smart Chain.

The main goal of Lepifany is to create an organized, unified and convenient ecosystem, where users can fully enjoy all the benefits of the Lepifany token…

I welcome everyone! In this article, I would like to touch on a mobile chat application called Quarashi. But what is so special about it, you will learn later in the article, so draw conclusions from this, and we begin!

Quarashi Review


I think most of us are used to using phones, we use it all day long, but you must admit that without applications on the phone, our device would not be interesting. But unfortunately, many applications resort to collecting confidential information about the device, but there are applications that will direct you to find out information even more secret, for…

Hi guys, I found a cool project for you called Sugar Factory, but you will learn more in more detail later. Sit back, we’re getting started!

Sugar Factory Logo


The topic of our article will be the Sugar Factory project, it is directly related to decentralized finance, and as we already know, this gives us many advantages, compared to the methods of finance that we use now.

In short, about the pros, then this is the possibility of pledging digital assets, potential standardization in the future, as well as instant settlement of transactions.

By using smart contracts and distributed systems, deploying a financial…

Hi guys! I found an interesting project that interested me and I think that you will also be interested, since the project benefits our real world!

Plastic Finance Logo


Plastic — we are used to seeing this material everywhere, in products, products, tools and so on. This plastic waste is everywhere, we eat from it, we drink it. But we do not think about the fact that for about 400 years already, it creates extraordinary harm if thrown on the ground, since it does not decompose!

Just imagine, 16 generations have passed and this problem still cannot be solved. About 91% of non-recycled…

Greetings to all my readers again, in this article I would like to speculate with you, as well as discuss the new LunaLand project.

LunaLand Logo


It is no longer a secret for anyone that all the world’s banks have the ability to print money in their own interests. This means only one thing, that thanks to this they can manage the world financial system, again thanks to their peculiarity to regulate the circulation of currencies.

In this regard, we received a new version of an alternative currency, which has the general name “Cryptocurrency”, it is almost the exact opposite of the…

Hello everyone, on the review we have a new project called EdgeCoin that specializes in education, but you will find out the most interesting things later!

We grab all the most delicious, prepare tea and proceed to the introduction :)

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How many projects do we know that specialize in supporting education? I will note that it all works on the blockchain! Personally, I didn’t know about this project until I stumbled upon their site which suddenly inspired me and I began to be interested in information. Now I am telling you about it.
The EdgeCoin project is the world’s first educational…

Greetings to my readers for a new article dedicated to the Appreciate Coin project.

Appreciate Coin Logo


Undoubtedly, each of us loves to surprise our relatives, friends, soulmates with gifts. In any case, a gift made from the heart will be pleasant to the person you are giving.
No wonder I started my speech with gifts, as I found a new project related to cryptocurrency and gifts for family and friends. This coin operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocol, which provides many advantages over other protocols, namely low fees. …

Hi guys, I found a new project for you called Galileo Exchange and I hasten to tell you about its interesting features and what will be interesting to know.
Grab the treats as we get down to the intro!

Galileo Exchange Logo


Today it will not be a problem for anyone, it is easy and safe to trade whether it be goods, assets or cryptocurrency.
There are many platforms that, in their own interests, come up with their own chips and unique features that attract new users.
Previously, trading platforms could be used by professionals, but now everyone can try themselves in this. Ease of…


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