DeHero Blockchain Game Review Related to DeFi and NFT

Welcome to my article. In it you will find cool material on a project related to the gaming industry.

DeHero Game

I think that each of us has played computer, mobile games and so on at least once. Doesn’t it help sometimes to free yourself from unnecessary thoughts and completely immerse yourself in the game world, and for the completed missions and levels in the game, we were rewarded with various bonuses.

At the moment, online games are gaining immense popularity, which take a multiplayer genre approach to be able to play with people all over the world. In order to make the game interesting, virtual resources are added to it, so that upon reaching a certain goal, it can be obtained.
Nevertheless, games are becoming popular all over the world and are valued at several hundred billion dollars. But as the industry of the entire gaming industry grows, problems also appear, we will talk about them later.

As I noted earlier, developers add in-game values ​​to games that increase demand and interest in games, but nevertheless, the issue between transparency and trust between game developers and players is now actively developing. There is an economy in games, but it is not transparent, as it is controlled by the developers.

As a result, players began to resent when it comes to transactions and asset ownership, for the reason that they want transparency and fairness.

But in this article, we will talk about the implementation and distribution of blockchain in the gaming environment. I believe this step will truly become colorful and revolutionary for the connection between realistic reality in the virtual world.

And so, after such a major introduction, I think we are ready to contemplate the DeHero project!

BlockChain game

About the project

DeHero is a GameFi game app powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform from the MixMarvel end-to-end platform.
This game will integrate with NFT + DeFi gameplay related to collecting cards.

DeHero is not just a game where you can have fun, but you also have the ability to receive card games with DeFi features and NFT transactions, so the game will have a clear financial logic.
In this game, NFTs will operate using the BEP-721 protocol.

In DeHero, players will be able to randomly receive NFTs with heroes by purchasing packets of cards with closed boxes, while placing bets on FT assets and thereby providing liquidity.
Each hero will have their own rarity, which will be indicated by a color from white to gold and will have a value from low to high. The higher the speed, the greater the combat capability.

Qualities such as card number, combat capability and quality will determine the value of the NFT itself. With the help of NFT data, the player will be able to participate in the mining of cards and other things, thereby increasing the efficiency of his own mining and getting more income from the game.

But on this I would like to end this article, since the game and the MixMarvel platform itself are very interesting, but in order to describe all the advantages, you will have to highlight a lot of text.
In conclusion, I want to say that the technology for introducing games into the blockchain environment is undoubtedly cool, especially NFTs will be able to interact with games, thanks to a unique NFT, you can confirm ownership and authenticity and prove that NFT belongs only to you. But you can also sell, buy and exchange NFTs between parties.

Screenshot from the game itself

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