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Hey guys! Welcome to the new article! As a side note, I have selected a fairly cool project that has huge potential among other projects.

Intrigued? If so, then without further ado, let’s get down to the beginning.

Global web

General information

EXIP is the newest ecosystem that seeks to create a decentralized Internet that will be managed not by a certain circle of people, but by our beloved community.
EXIP is watched by a huge number of professionals in the blockchain industry, so we can follow and watch the news so as not to miss anything.
Just imagine what will happen if the Internet becomes decentralized! This will be the most powerful impetus for the blockchain and internet.
And thanks to the EXIP browser, users will not have to worry about the loss of information and other confidential data.
With the help of tokenization and the EXIP token, all these opportunities will be available in the near future and all this will belong only to you.

I think you wondered, but this is just the beginning. Now I would like to ask in more detail an equally important topic.


Why do we need a decentralized internet?

As I noted earlier, it will allow us to achieve more accurate and high security on the Internet.
In general, the concept of a decentralized Internet based on blockchain has been gaining momentum for a long time, among developers and, naturally, ordinary users, due to its promising features. All these conditions for ensuring security require special efforts from developers in order to balance all this and make a universal approach within the framework of the entire EXIP ecosystem.
However, if we can achieve all this, then as a result we will get the final result, thanks to which we will protect our Internet and provide it with conditions so that it remains independent and does not belong to anyone from the outside.

In fact, decentralized browsers that offer similar terms already exist. But again, these projects have their pros and cons, EXIP is trying to make sure that the decentralized Internet not only protects our data, but also unites all domains, plugins, DNS and so on in one place.
Each company now realizes how centralized and dangerous the Internet is, so it is necessary to change all this soon and do decentralization so that everything is under its own control.

But so far these are only plans that look only approximate, but the team is moving forward and promoting its ideas on the Internet.

Despite the ambitions of the project, it must have its own token and they have it! It is called EXIP.

What is EXIP?

EXIP Token

This token is considered independent and should be used for purchases and sales as well as domain and top-level domain auctions. At the same time, coin holders will also receive bonuses and additional rates when buying and selling domains. Token holders will be able to give their dash and voice to take over or revoke any domain if the community decides that it should not exist.

EXIP Token


Thanks to the EXIP DNS system, people will be able to buy, sell, auction, reserve domains, they will be identified as NFTs that can be created by users in multiple blockchains.

Isn’t it cool?


EXIP tokenomics

The total number of tokens issued will be 2,100,000 at any given time. Initially, 2.100.000 tokens will be created on the binance smart chain, then 2.1 million will be created on the Ethereum chain.


Token structure

Total tokens will be 50 million
Sales proposal will be IEO and IDO

Tokens that have not been sold will be burned at the end of each IEO stage.

At this point, I would like to end the article and summarize the project.

The project itself looks quite nice and fresh, the project is gaining momentum and gathering investors ready to invest in this project. I think that if they continue to work on the project properly, it will be a good jump for the Internet.
I recommend everyone to leave this project in a separate list for monitoring in order to follow a detailed roadmap, which describes each step and path of the project.
You can familiarize yourself with the project in more detail below, I will leave “Useful links” for you.


Useful links:

Website link: https://exip.live/
Telegram: https://t.me/exipofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exipproject
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExipOfficial
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpcyID74PrBRaEKFX4QqmFQ
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/exipproject
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/exiptoken
Medium: https://medium.com/@exip



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