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DeFi is a decentralized application and is currently in great demand among the cryptocurrency industry sector. DeFi allows you to increase your investment by staking and farming.


About the project

The essence of the project is to create a platform where it will be possible to create a party or join it, where your beloved friends or relatives will be.


What is PolkaParty for?

PolkaParty’s goal is to create a unified DeFi ecosystem for users to easily interact with and integrate without having to navigate a myriad of technical details.


1) You will have the opportunity to participate in pools where you can invest your funds in the cryptocurrency world.

POLP token

This token will serve as a common one for the entire PolkaParty ecosystem. The token can be used for governance and will be the main catalyst for most of the platform’s products and functions.




PolkaParty Roadmap

Project Team

Project Team


In conclusion, I will say that this project should undoubtedly become a key one for connecting your friends and relatives in order to communicate, contact, compete and earn together. You will have the opportunity to create a shared family wallet, where you will be able to customize management for each member.

Useful links:

Website — https://www.polkaparty.io/
Twitter — https://twitter.com/Polka_Party
Medium — https://polkaparty.medium.com/
Telegram — https://t.me/PolkaParty


Bitcointalk username: DimaxaGaming
Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2175755
Telegram username: @dimasiks13
ERC-20 wallet address: 0x6B29b90622Db54A1f57D476a0502a81F148602e6



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