Ticketly is a project that gives impetus to the cryptocurrency industry

Cryptocurrency — what does this concept mean to you and how is it supported?
In fact, cryptocurrency is something that should revolutionize the entire financial industry in the near future.

Just imagine, no one knew about cryptocurrency 10 years ago, and now everyone is talking about it.

The cryptocurrency is evolving every day and is supported by new projects representing a huge development for the entire blockchain industry. Despite all this, cryptocurrency is still a tool for trading and speculation.

But gradually, the cryptocurrency is starting to get out of that trading niche into the real world, thanks to which you and I will be able to enjoy the use of crypto assets in the real world.

And we are finally starting to review the Ticketly project

Ticketly Logo

About the project

I think each of you at least once dreamed of attending a concert with your favorite artist, but you had problems finding a place where you can buy a ticket, since there are many scammers on the Internet and you can simply be left without a ticket.
But this problem is solved by the Ticketly application! As planned, this application will collect tickets for various events. You can pay with cryptocurrency. It’s simple, safe and convenient!
Isn’t it cool?

You can pay for tickets to events with cryptocurrency, but besides that, you will receive additional discounts and exclusive NFTs as a reward.

The project itself seeks to make a bridge between cryptocurrency and existing projects for the sale or purchase of tickets for events in order to make it easier for users to use cryptocurrency assets.

For TKLY token holders, there will be bonuses in the form of discounts and NFTs.

Ticketly features

1) Firstly, what I liked the most was that the project runs on the BSC platform, which means ease of use and low fees

2) If you store 200 TKLY tokens on your wallet, you will receive a 1% discount on the purchase of tickets, if 2000, then 10% respectively

3) With about 5000 tokens on your wallet, you will have the opportunity to receive rare, epic NFTs

4) You will be able to participate in distributions and airdrops from the project team and partners

5) With 5000 TKLY on your wallet, you will be able to join the VIP party in the Telegram channel, where you will receive news, sweepstakes and information in advance.

Ticketly Features

How will the application work?

In fact, everything is simpler than you think!

1) Download the Ticketly app and log into your account
2) Find an event that suits your interests
3) You pay for the ticket, you can pay with any cryptocurrency convenient for you. Also, if you keep TKLY tokens on your wallet, you will receive the bonuses that you described earlier
4) Enjoy the event!
5) If you can’t get to the event for various reasons, you can sell your ticket on the trading platform

6) You can put your tokens in special pools, thereby you can receive exclusive NFTs




Project team

And with that, I would like to conclude this article. In conclusion, I would like to say that this project has good ambitions for development and I think that the idea is really cool. Therefore, I recommend everyone to get acquainted with the project more closely, I will leave the links below.

Useful links:

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/ticketly.me/
Twitter — https://twitter.com/TicketlyMe
Linkedin — https://www.linkedin.com/company/ticketly-me/
Medium — https://ticketlyme.medium.com/
Telegram — https://t.me/ticketly_me


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